Welcome to Precision Products Group Inc.

Precision Products Group offers a wide range of Tactical, Sporting, and Out of doors use products and training solutions.  Through our partnership and relationship with Defense Contracting Agency we are excited to offer even more training solutions.  We are NRA certified firearms instructors, we offer individual as well as group firearms training classes for Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.  We are also certified by the State of North Carolina to instruct and qualify potential applicants for (CCH) Concealed Carry Handgun across the State of North Carolina.  The products we offer as well as the training given is second to none.  Our firearms training consist of class opportunities from safety classes for the youngest beginners to the oldest beginners in age, from the most avid shooters, to the newest shooters just learning to shoot, from women to men, boys, and girls.  Whether for sport, hunting, or protection, we can make sure you are comfortable, educated, trained, and proficient with your firearm when you leave our professionally instructed classes.

We also offer survival field medical instruction that can cover from the basic medical needs while hiking, camping, biking, to advanced first aid for more drastic issues that occur while away from your home and or medical facility.  Our instructors consist of trained individuals from our basic Boy Scout class fit for the young and old alike to more advanced classes instructed by active and prior advanced medical personnel.

While most of our products are open for purchase to all of our customers some products are restricted to industry specific professionals.  Those products that are restricted may not have a price listed and or may not allow you to check out with that particular product in your shopping cart without approved authorization.  Please email us with your questions, concerns, or needs, we will be happy to assist you. info@ppgcompany.com